Andrew & Fiona Come To Play, Standard 8 Home Movie, Woodfield Avenue, c August 1966

This is a supremely cute little home movie, including “an outbreak of” kissing and eventually “an outbreak of” squabbling. Not quite a Tarrantino ending but…

…I certainly sense Dad’s cinematographic machinations all over this piece – good on him.

It was filmed at our house.

I’m no expert on children’s ages, but although mum and dad guessed summer of 1967 (making me and Andrew about 5 and Fiona about 4), from reviewing other materials (photos and cine), I think this one might be a year earlier, 1966, with me and Andrew around 4 and Fiona 3.

I’m pretty sure the birthday party film – click here – is 1967 and I think we look a little older in that one – although no less cute.