Pick Of The Pops, Most Of the Top Ten, 12 November 1967

Grundig TK35, Photograph by Michael Keller, from Rad-io.de.

Greetings, pop pickers.

Last week I Ogblogged recordings dad and I made exactly 50 years ago to the day, on 5 November 1967, including the Pick Of The Pops top three – click here, from Alan “Fluff” Freeman’s seminal chart show.

This week, I’m setting out the recordings I made of most of the top 10 from Pick Of The Pops the following week.

These recordings have more cutting in and out – probably a five-year-old’s attention span incapable of just letting the tape run and unaware at that stage of the wizardry that could be achieved post-recording in that medium.

The first extract actually has a bit of the Tony Blackburn show; the tail end of San Fransiscan Nights by The Animals therefrom. My guess is that it was my desire to record that better that sent me to Pick Of the Pops that Sunday evening, finding this song at number nine, then I kept going.

Next up – at eight – Long John Baldry with Let The Heartaches Begin:

At seven, Donovan with There Is A Mountain:

Then at six, the Kinks with Autumn Almanac:

Into the top five with The Troggs, Love Is All Around:

The least said about The Last Waltz by Englebert Humerdink at number four, the better:

Massachusetts by The Bee Gees at Number Three:

Zabadak by Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich at Number Two:

…by which point I guess it dawned on my very junior indeed mind that I already had the top three on tape from the previous week.

Still, I wouldn’t want to keep pop pickers in suspenders, so here is a YouTube of the Number One from that period – Baby Now That I’ve Found You by The Foundations.

Does this bring back memories? Not Arf!


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