Meninblack by The Stranglers, Album Review for Concourse, March 1981

I didn’t write a lot of album reviews for Concourse, the Keele Students’ newspaper, but I did write this one, in March 1981.  I think my neighbour in F Block Lindsay, Paul, had bought the album; I’m sure I didn’t buy it.

I ended up writing a great deal of that beleaguered March 1981 issue of Concourse, as I shall explain in another post, but clearly I had been commissioned to write this review before the hoo-ha that led to interim editing and all hands to the pump for the paper deadline.

Anyway, my hatchet job on The Stranglers sits next to an equally acerbic review of The Steve Gibbons Band by my good friend Simon Jacobs, without whom I, for sure, would not have ended up at Keele.  But that’s another story.

Meninblack plus


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