Keele UKSU Summer Ball Menu of Events, guessing 1984 ball with my notes from January 1985

A strange artefact, this one. My initial, cursory look led me to guess that this must be from the 1985 summer ball. But I don’t think Pady booked Bad Manners and The Sweet. Also, I recall performing Ringroad in the Main Ballroom for the 1985 Summer Ball.

Pady might remember both of those balls and more besides, if that memory of hers lasts 30+ years. We’re seeing her in a couple of weeks’ time (this post authored March 2016), so I’ll be sure to ask her.

In any case, the notes on the back of the Summer Ball Events Menu have a January 1985 look about them, not least my (rather ordinary) disco guest spot playlist.

So I’m guessing the Summer Ball in question was 1984 and that I was recycling a piece of paper for notes a good six months or more later.

Here’s both sides of the artefact. You, dear reader, might wish to chime in with comments if you were there and it triggers a memory or three.

Summer Ball 1984 Side One Compressed Summer Ball 1984 Side Two Compressed