Designer, NewsRevue Lyric, 5 January 1993

This lyric was a late entry on the Bowden submission; so much so that the lyric is dated after the date on the submission note.

I don’t think he used this lyric. I’m not sure anyone used it.

Which is a shame, because I think it is rather good. Perhaps not for NewsRevue, though.

I’m pretty sure Janie liked my lyric, though. And Anthea.



(To the Tune of “Delilah”)



I turned away when I saw C&A on her label,

As I grew tenser skirts from Marks and Spencer were worn;

Shoes came from Dolcis,

Had she not been so alluring I’d have left in scorn.



I shall not deny her,

Fine garb I must buy her,

Sod the cost,

I’ll get her a shirt from Lacoste,

The garments I buy her will restore the love I have lost.



I thought she’d swoon when we went to Monsoon the next morning,

She seemed perplexed when we filled Next The Gap in her range;

Mad Dash to Naff Naff,

She lost her Principles in The Warehouse and turned strange.



She does look diviner,

Now that I refine her,

Clothes from Elle,

Scent from YSL or Chanel,

But the Geiger counter would take all Armani to hell.



She changed her ways came home with some Hermes and I worried,

Soon only Gucci, Escada and Pucci she’d wield;

I wore Browns trousers,

She simply bought clothes from Zandra Rhodes or Bruce Oldfield.



Why why why designer?

Why not made in China?

Haute couture,

From Jean Muir or Christian Dior,

With all this designer I just can’t afford any more,

With all this designer I just can’t afford any more.


copyright © Ian Harris 1993

Click here or below for a link to Delilah as sung by Tom Jones with the original lyrics on the screen.


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