A Pre Run Offering To John Random, Covering Letter, 23 October 1993

A letter to John Random dated 23 October 1993, which, to my regret and subsequently also to Random’s, did not succeed in placing one of my favourite songs, She’s So Moral (about Mother Teresa) – click here for the song lyrics :



Dear John

I enclose your starter pack of lyrics and tape for my offerings.  The pack includes some rewrites of older ones and some that have been cruelly overlooked before but still have life in them.  I haven’t included any chestnuts from earlier runs, but if you want one that you remember, just let me know.

Please do call me and let me know if you are short of any subjects or styles and I shall try to oblige.  Also, if any of these need a bit of rewrite then I shall be happy to change them on request.

I shall try to write some new ones for you over the next 10 days or so if the inspiration comes.

See you soon.


   Song Title Original Title/

Artist on Tape

Aprox. No. of Performances
   7+ 4-6  1-3 New
all things wild and shootable no recoring – sorry y
judges are senile putting on the style/lonnie donegan y
thai and yellow chicken tie a yellow ribbon/dawn y
she’s so moral she’s so modern/boomtown rats y
who do you talk to john where do you go to/peter sarstedt y
hazy crazy buthelesi hazy crazy lazy days of summer y
the labour chorus brahms symphony no 1 mov 4 y
grunge clobber wearer guantanamera/pete seger y
president al you can call me al/paul simon y

She’s So Moral, Unused Lyric For NewsRevue, 23 October 1993

John Random once said to me, many years ago and also many years after the (non) event, that he remembered this song fondly and regrets the fact that he didn’t use it.

It wasn’t very topical, although Mother Teresa was always in the news back then.

Still, when I found the covering letter for the pre November 1993 pack within which I first submitted the song – click here for that letter – I couldn’t resist upping the song to Ogblog.

Click here or below for a link to a YouTube of She’s So Modern by the Boomtown Rats.

Click here for a link to the original lyrics.


(To the Tune of “She’s So Modern”)

(Ideally this song is sung by the Devil with a chorus of demons – “The Doomtown Rats” perhaps)


(She’s so) totally heavenly,

(She’s well) over seventy;

(Kind dame) folk always praise her,

(Her name is) Mother Theresa.

She’s a moral nun oh yeh,

A saintly one so goody goody,

But she’s not much fun oh no.


She makes the priests hearts flutter, each time they hear her pray;

She’s a big hit in Calcutta,  she’s always giving stuff away.

But poor aren’t clothed by blessings, and the starving can’t eat hope;

Yet it’s uplifting for the squalid as,

She is pally with the Pope.


I gotta say it now;

(She’s so) damn altruistic,

(It makes) me want to be sick;

(She looks) like a buck rabbit,

(She has) just one nasty habit.

Which she always wears oh yeh,

But no one cares cos she’s monastic,

She don’t have affairs no way.

She’s so m-m-m-m magnanimous


 (She’s so) virgo intactica,

(Cos no) one has attracted her;

(She is) the model of virtue,

(She’s just) too fucking good to be true.

She’s so………..


(c) Ian Harris 1993