Barrymore’s Tight Awright, NewsRevue & Ben Murphy Lyric, 23 May 1994

Ben Murphy encouraged me to write about this fellow, Michael Barrymore, who had only minimally entered my  consciousness previously.

I wrote and logged this lyric 23 May 1994. Not sure why I copied it, seemingly verbatim, to Amipro 30 November 1994 – probably just a resubmission thing and a desire for a while to port some of the existing lyrics into Amipro as templates for future lyrics.

Not sure if this ever got used. Ben Murphy did a Barrymore thing loosely based on it, using a different tune, I think.

(To the Tune of “Saturday Night’s Alright”)

It’s Saturday, late,
I need some opiate,
Cos Michael Barrymore is here;
Seven o’clock, so I’ll snort some rock,
Then I’ll get a belly full of beer.

My old lady, Cheryl,
Says my life is deep in peril,
But my producer knows I’m sane;
He says I look cute when we’re ready to shoot,
With a heap load of shit in my brain.



Don’t give me more rehabilitation,
Cos drying out’s an effing bore;
Saturday night’s awight for tripping,
When you’re Michael Barrymore.

Speed has got me talking like a diesel train,
I’m gonna strike it lucky tonight;
Saturday night’s awight for snorting,
Saturday night’s awight.
Awight, awight, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh.
(Barrymore collapses and tries to crawl off the stage)


(Chorus enters to help carry Barrymore off. As they do this they chant)
Barrymore, Barrymore, Barrymore, Barrymore, Barrymore, Barrymore,
Barrymore, Barrymore, Barrymore’s tight awight.

Here’s Elton John singing Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting with lyrics on the screen:

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