Letter To Michael Eriera, NewsRevue & Jermyn Street Theatre, 17 October 1994

It’s all vaguely coming back to me. Michael Eriera liked my material a lot and wanted to use some of the less political material in a show he put together at the Jermyn Street Theatre.

I remember Janie and I going to see that show and liking it a lot – Michael was a good director.

I don’t think the project went all that far, sadly, but it was successful enough for some dosh to come my way; probably not much, hence my “spend spend spend” quip.

Michael Eriera                                    17 October 1994
(Finchley address redacted)

Dear Michael


As promised, here are some songs; some old, some new, all borrowed (music, that is) and none blue.

As it seems we are all to be fabulously wealthy on the back of your great find in Jermyn Street, I’m now off to spend, spend, spend.

Seriously, if you need some recordings or anything else do let me know. Remember that there are plenty more where these come from; I have omitted most of the political ones.

Yours sincerely
Ian Harris


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