Crap Tarrantino Man, NewsRevue and Ben Murphy Lyric, 12 March 1995

This did well in NewsRevue and Ben Murphy adapted it for his “edgy family show” in the west country.

The version below is date stamped November 1995, but it was first written in March. I certainly didn’t suggest that it was a new version, so changes, if any, must have been minimal.

(To the Tune of “Son of a Preacher Man”)

For audiences with a nervous disposition, all the expletives (in bold type) should be replaced with beeps


Tarantino got bored a lot,
And so he made some schlock movies and swore a lot;
When his characters make conversation,
They never pass on information,
It’s just a cesspit of degradation,
Half the words should be deleted,
Cos they’re fucking shit expletives.


The only cunt who could use invectives,
Was that crap Tarantino man;
The only prick who makes fuck effective,
Is that crap Tarantino man.
‘Cos he says shit and suck and motherfuck;
The only one who makes foul-mouthed flickers,
Is that motherfucking bum Tarantino man,
He won’t use words like oh blast and knickers,
Cos they ain’t foul Tarantino style;
He just says prick and butt he should be cut…….

Ends suddenly!!!!

Here’s Dusty singing Son of a Preacher Man with lyrics on the vid:

…and here is Ben Murphy’s adapted version of my lyric.

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