Arthur Version 2 With Marion Ryan Recording, 4 April 1995

I found a later version of the Arthur lyric, written for Harold Davison, Marion Ryan, Frank Sinatra and their pals – explained here. At first thought that Harold must have requested/made some tweaks.

Then it dawned on me; Harold sent me a recording of Marion Ryan singing the song, so the second version must be my transcription of their tweaked version of the lyric.

It also dawned on me that I might even find the recording somewhere…

…and so I did.

So here is Marion Ryan singing Arthur:

…and here is their slightly tweaked version of the lyric.

(To the Tune of “Laura”)


Mr Crames who is sixty now,
Share deals, they just rise, never fall;
Self made, warm-hearted and from Bear Stearns,
But won’t say what he earns,
At all;


You won’t see Arthur,
On the plane that is passing through,
He likes, beach and pool to be near;
He has the very best meals for you,
So for Arthur,
Let’s all give a big cheer.

…and here (again) is Sinatra singing Laura. Sadly no recording of him singing Arthur:

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