Letter To Ben Murphy Including Free Nelson Mandela Lyric, 14 May 1995

I don’t think Ben recorded either of my suggestions from this letter; he might have used one or both live.

I might try “Hanging Around” on the baritone ukulele; I still love that song.

Ben Murphy                                                        14 May 1995
(Wells address redacted)
Dear Ben


I enclose a tape with the Free Nelson Mandela song on it for your greatest hits. I still think it should be short and sharp:

Thirty one years in captivity,
In most unholy matrimony,
Are you so blind that you cannot see,
That she’s so fat she can hardly breathe;
Free Nelson Mandela (from Winnie, from Winnie,
Free Nelson Mandela (from Winnie, from Winnie).

I have also taped Hanging Around by Lou Reed which I think you could do really well “straight” – see what you think.

Those back catalogue tapes arrived towards the end of last week; ten of each, many thanks. I can now fulfil the transatlantic sample orders – don’t hold your breath. There were no inlay cards with the tapes, which is a bit of a shame. Is that because there are none left or just an oversight? If you have any left, please send them to me ASAP as I do think presentation helps, especially with our US friends.

Look forward to hearing from you soon.


Yours sincerely

Ian Harris (Z/Ian)

If you have an urge to hear and see the lyrics to Free Nelson Mandela:

…and if you cannot resist the urge to hear Hanging Around by Lou Reed:


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