Letter To Maggie, NewsRevue, 14 July 1995

I assume this was Maggie Danielewicz, who directed several times. Usual apologies for the shoddy looking list where the neat and tidy Amipro table used to be, but the facts about the submissions are all there to be seen. I think Maggie used a few of mine that year in Edinburgh.

No idea what her pricing problems were. Someone might know and chime in one day.


Dear Maggie

This starter pack consists mainly of songs which have been in the show and have a good chance of still being topical or becoming topical again for Edinburgh (e.g. VE Day stuff becomes VJ Day stuff). There are also one or two unperformed ones. If you want me to work on a rewrite of an old chestnut of mine that you might have uncovered in the archive, just let me know. I’ll send you brand new ones as I write them.

Call me and let me know if you are short of any subjects or styles and I shall try to oblige. Also, if any of these need a bit of rewrite then I am happy to change them on request.

I hope you have resolved your pricing problems; do let me know what you finally resolved. I look forward to seeing you soon.

Song Title/Original Title/Artist on Tape

Aprox. No. of weeks performed 7+ 4-6 1-3 New

side 1

i’ll never find another job/i’ll never find another you/seekers 7+

newt gingrich/moon river / danny williams New

privatise/bright eyes/art garfunkle 7+

oj’s girl/bobby’s girl/marcie blaine 7+

have i the right? / have i the right? / honeycombs 4-6

bye bye barings / bye bye baby / bay city rollers 4-6

crap tarrantino man/son of a preacher man/dusty springfield New

the shit of araby/the sheik of araby/spike jones New

posy band perfect day/lou reed New

lilley the prick lilley the pink/scaffold New

side 2

ve day medley x 2 many ghastly ww2 songs sung badly by soldiers 4-6
vanessa mae / enola gay / omd 4-6
jumping mick jagger / jumping jack flash / rolling stones 4-6


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