I’m Not In Power, NewsRevue Lyric Unused, 16 July 1995

Too subtle, not really subtle, not funny enough…

…the suggestion that Michael Hestletine was bossing John Major…

…not sure.

(To the Tune of “I’m Not in Love”)

HEZZA: OK girls, lets get this enormous office set up and looking authoritative.

GIRLS: Yes sir, Mr Hestletine sir.

HEZZA: We’ll have the massive leather swivel chair over there, so the twenty foot by twelve foot portrait of my good self is right behind me, hold this a minute John.

MAJOR: Just a minute, Michael, who is the Prime Minister around here, you or me?

HEZZA: You are John, of course you are. We made a deal, remember. Girls, help me explain it to him.


I’m not in power, and can’t forget it (pa da da da),
It’s just a silly phase Britain’s going through (pa da da pa da da pa da da)
And just because, It’s twice your size (pa da da da) {JOHN: The office, he means},
Don’t get me wrong, don’t think you’re on your way (pa da da pa da da pa da da)
I’m not in power, no no, you’re in charge.


JOHN: I’m still the leader, but then again (pa da da da),
That doesn’t mean that I feel in control (pa da da pa da da pa da da)
HEZZA: Avoid the papers, don’t be afraid (pa da da da),
Don’t tell the press about the deal we’ve made (pa da da pa da da pa da da)
I’m not in charge, no no, so we’ve said.


JOHN: Ooohhh you’ll wait a long time to lead, ooohh you’ll wait a long time.
HEZZA: I can wait a long time to lead, I could wait a long time (winks at audience).


HEZZA: I’ve put my portrait up on the wall (pa da da da)
It hides a messy picture hanging there (pa da da pa da da pa da da)
{JOHN: That’s my portrait you’ve covered up}
HEZZA: But don’t you ask me to take it down (pa da da da),
I know you know it doesn’t have significance (pa da da pa da da pa da da)
I’m not in charge {JOHN: You’re sure now?}
I’m not in power {JOHN: Oh, that’s alright then}
Why don’t you run along now, John? Have a few weeks off. I can run the shop without you for a while. Relax a bit, learn how to enjoy leisure time. You’ll have to get used to it sooner or later. (Pushes John offstage – blackout).

Here’s what I’m Not In Love by 10CC sounds and looks like:

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