Star Spangled School Tie, NewsRevue Lyric, 19 September 1995

My “Old Boys” Lyric, which will be Ogblogged in the fullness of time, ran and ran and ran.

This one was an attempt to write something else on the subject. Didn’t work, I ended up tweaking “Old Boys” and it ran some more.

(To the Tune of “Star Spangled Banner”)


I say, can you see by the club’s faded light,
What so proudly we wear since the day we ceased schooling?
Whose broad stripes and bright stars, through the commercial plight,
Copped us all the top jobs even if young and foolish.


The school tie got us there,
Even young Tony Blaire,
Isn’t so much hot air,
So he sends his kids there.


I say, does that spangled old school tie hold sway,
O’er the land of the free if they can afford to pay.

Here is the Star Spangled Banner, with lyrics:

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