Letter To Ben Murphy, Explaining The Internet 1995 Style, 28 September 1995

The Internet was a relatively new and/or mysterious thing to most people in 1995; heck I was still quite new to it.

Trying to explain it to Ben Murphy…

…I think “Tony Parse of the New Musical Netspress” must have been one of my noms de plume – if so, that piece should turn up on Ogblog soon enough.

Ben Murphy 28 September 1995

(Wells address redacted)
Dear Ben


Thanks for the dosh. I can start eating again so long as the distended stomach and rickets don’t prevent me from taking down the food.

I’m surprised to learn that you are feeling dry on parodies – try these for size. Hope you like them. You were going to send me an educational tape to bring my music knowledge up to date. Is that still a happening possibility?

I enclose the Info Highway Roadkill tape which I think is pretty good considering. I also include a rave review of the tape by Tony Parse of the New Musical Netspress. He is obviously one of our biggest fans and this review is whizzing all over the world electronically (via Usenet, part of the Internet) as we speak. It will soon also be on the World-Wide-Web (another part of the Internet).

Look forward to hearing from you soon.


Yours sincerely

Ian Harris (Z/Ian)


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