Letter To Jenny Roche Re NewsRevue Material, 28 November 1995

I don’t think anything came of this – at least not financially. Given the tone of my letter, I expected little.

I have little/no recollection of this correspondence.  I imagine it was THIS Jenny Roche – click here. Heck, this piece might help Jenny to get in touch again through Ogblog.

Jenny Roche                             28 November 1995

(Huyton Address Redacted)
Dear Jenny


Apologies for the delay in getting some material to you, but I hope the quality and quantity of this submission makes up for the delay. I write regularly for News Revue, specialising almost exclusively in songs.

In the absence of more details about what you are looking for, I hope this pack provides some stuff of use to you. Please feel free to request specific items, changes or recordings of the original songs which are being parodied.

Please note that some of the songs show charities as copyright holders. I do this in order to make tax free contributions to my favourite charities. If you choose to use a charity owned song, please send the money direct to the charity (I can provide addresses if you don’t have them). As you reckon that the dosh will be light for the time being, please give priority to the charities.

Please feel free to get in touch any time (see myriad of methods above).

Yours sincerely

Ian Harris


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