Oasis, NewsRevue Lyric, 8 January 1996

I don’t recall this one being used – perhaps it was. The Britpop rivalry between Oasis and Blur was all the rage back then – Ben Murphy did loads on that – but not this lyric.

(To the Tune of “Roll With It”)


You gotta rip it off,
You gotta plagiarise,
You gotta sound like the Beatles back in 1965;
With a lyric telling kids just what to do.

You gotta rake it in,
You gotta make a pile,
You gotta sing that you’re young in a very aged style;
I think its gotta be Oasis’ hair (pronounced scouse style – “hur”)
It’s either them or Pulp or maybe Blur,
These new bands are such novel deja vu.


They all know what it takes to get along (yeh, yeh yeh),
Just pull the chords from someone else’s song (yeh yeh yeh)
And don’t sing ding-a-ding or bang-a-gong (no no no)
And you’re agent plugs away with all this tripe but it’s gotta be a Grade A hype.


You gotta fool the kids,
You gotta top the charts,
You gotta promise Oasis but sell them a mirage;
I think we’re gonna make a lot this year (still scouse style – “yur”),
Our single aim’s to earn more dosh than Blur,
And some of you might think that aim’s unfair (scouse – “unfur”),
Cos half our fans migrate from Rupert Bear (you’ve got it – “Rupert Bur”),
But even if you think this song sounds square (goes without saying “squur”),
I think there’s still one point where we concur,
The more cash that we earn, the more you’re screwed.

Here’s Oasis singing Roll With It, including lyrics:


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