Coke Olympics, NewsRevue Lyric, 16 July 1996

Not my best ever lyric, this one. I don’t think it was used, but perhaps it was.

I guess I was irritated about Coca Cola’s prominence in the Olympics marketing that summer. But the games were being held in Atlanta Georgia, so what did I realistically expect?

Anyway, here are my lyrics:

(To the Tune of “The First Time”)

First line, first drug,
What a feeling is this?
Electricity surge
Extra power, what bliss.
Like a break in the clouds in the Atlanta sun
With the sound of the crowds now the contest’s begun.
These are amateur games with professional kit,
And a whole load of substance abuse, the Olympics are shit,
The Olympics are shit.


When they were new,
The Olympics were fair and true,
Now there just are no words to describe the deception
Oh no no no


Big dosh, such hype,
What a sponsorship deal;
The most mercenary yet,
Can this nightmare be real?
Let me sponsor your towel, print my name on your shorts,
The gold medal is yours, we don’t care for the sports;
They should give an award for the product which bored,
Us the most with this commercial shit, Coca Cola is it!
Coca Cola is it.

Here is the advert/song which is a suitable repository for the above lyric – other brands’ irritating soft drink commercials are available.

Here is a link to that advert’s cheesy lyric.

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