The Very End, Actors’ Workshop Medley, 18 December 1996

I suspect that this closing number medley arose from a specific request by Mike Ward at the Actors’ Workshop in Halifax, so it was probably used.

I’m not sure whether Janie and I went up to see the show that year – if we did my diary trawl, when it gets to 1996/1997, will find it and I’ll Ogblog about the visit.

(A Medley to Many Tunes)


So Long, Farewell

So long, farewell, auf weidersein, goodbye,
We’re off, we’re done, we have to go, must fly;

Bye Bye Baby

Bye bye revels, revels goodbye,
Bye bye revels, don’t make me cry;

Farewell Jamaica

Sad to say, we’re on our way,
We won’t be back for many a day;
We’ve turned our backs, maybe we’ll send you a fax,
We’ve got to leave the Actor’s Workshop in Halifax;

We’ll Meet Again

We’ll meet again, don’t know where, don’t know when,
But I know we’ll meet again some New Year soon;
We’ve done revue, now we’re through, boo hoo hoo,
Now our show is done except for one more tune.


Goodbye-ee, goodbye-ee,
Wipe a tear, patron dear, from your eye-ee;
Though we sound like alley cats,
Our show stormed it in Halifax,
Don’t cry-ee,
Have a cup of tea and a minced pie-ee;
So long, chip chip,
Adios, pip, pip
Lets go, cheerio
Goodbye-eeeeeeeeeeeee (dragged off involuntarily)

Here is So Long, Farewell, with lyrics on screen:

Next up, Bye Bye Baby (Bay City Rollers version) with lyrics on screen:

Third up: Jamaica Farewell, Harry Belafonte. with lyrics on screen:

For We’ll Meet Again, click through here to my “Wheel Vera Lynn” lyric – there’s a good vid there.

As for Goodbye-ee, click here for lyrics and a good video Courtland and Jeffries singing the song – video only embedded below:

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