I Only Have “Heils” For You, Casablanca the Musical, Actors’ Workshop Halifax, 27 July 2001

I shall write more elsewhere about my role in writing lyrics for Mike Ward’s extraordinary production, Casablanca The Musical, for The Actors’ Workshop in Halifax in 2001.

For now, I simply want to post the lyrics for one of the songs, which was written for the Nazi Officer character, who was portrayed in Mike’s book as an especially enthusiastic fan of Hitler, much like the Nazi character in the producers.

Janie thought I had gone mad when I first showed her and demonstrated the lyric to her, with suitable heel clicks whenever the character says, “heil”.


(Song to the Tune of “I Only Have Eyes for You”)


(Zis is how I feel about Herr Hitler)

My awe must be a kind of blind awe,

All things Herr Fuhrer says are true;

I wonder if this is refined awe,

Cos now we’ve started World War Two.



There’s a blitzkrieg tonight,

We have set most of Europe alight,

But I only have heils for you, MEIN FUHRER;

The troops show their might,

Half the world has gone barmy with fright,

But I only have heils for you.


I don’t know if we’re routing Poland,

Or on the march to Timbuktu,

You are feared, so am I;

We’re as nice as a poke in the eye,

And the world doesn’t share our view,

But I only have heils for you.



Once we’d held Kristalnacht,

All the world knew that peace was well facht,

But I only have heils for you (ooo-ooo Fuhrer);

You and Goebbels are pally,

When you’re holding a Nurenberg rally,

Then I only have heils for you.


I don’t know if you are a nutcase,

Or just a yob with attitude,

You are feared, so am I;

Maybe millions of people will fry,

And they’ll all disappear from view,

But I only have heils for you.

                   copyright © Ian Harris 2001

Just in case you are unfamiliar with this wonderful Warren and Dubin spong from the Busby Berkeley Movie Dames, here is a link to the Dick Powell and Ruby Keeler version of the song. 

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