Arabian Nights Party at Sandall Close – Playlist, 24 June 2006

Arabian Nights or Moroccan Den

I had recently acquired my first iPod – a gift from Kim and Micky, so this was my first party playlist and by gosh I did it the hard way.

Had to do it the hard way, really, as my music collection was all CDs and vinyl, so I ripped (in the case of CDs) or specifically digitised through a sound box/Audacity (in the case of vinyl) every single track I wanted for this party.

Not quite as onerous as the old cassette and reel-to-reel compilation tapes, but hardly the “quick search and click” ability I now have, as my whole collection is digitised and in the cloud on iTunes (other cloud music services are available.

Here’s the CD Box Style thing that iTunes does for you, but it only shows the first 22 tracks…

Daisy Partial Party Playlist CD Box Stylee with image

…there are actually 114 tracks on this playlist; over 8 hours of music. Here’s the full list:

Daisy Whole Party 2006 Playlist

Ramzy and much, much more music

I made the first hour or more solidly Arabian style to go with the theme of the party – click here for a link to the story of the party and more besides. Then a more conventional party playlist, with the mandatory Barry White for Phillie and plenty of dance music for Janie.

There’s some seriously good stuff on there, though I say so myself. Janie and I still listen to that list reasonably often, even though I have better digital recordings of many of those tracks now.

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