Carlos Perez, Purcell Room, 1 June 2007

This geezer could play.

Janie was on one of her classical guitar kicks at that time (pretty much perennial, they are, but she was especially on one of those that year), so we booked this Purcell Room concert, even for a Friday night.

It was very much part of a cultural programme through the Latin American and Caribbean Cultural Society (LACCS) and the Chilean Embassy, so the great and the good from the Chilean community were out in force.

Friday evening after work, but the stresses of the week soon faded away as we listened to this wonderful music.

Did I mention that this geezer could play?  Well, you can decide for yourself, as the LACCS maintains an amazing archive – so you can hear some clips on this link…

…or if you would simply like to look at the programme and the programme notes, the LACCS has spared me the trouble of amateurish scanning by providing the programme here.  Jolly decent of them, as my dad would have put it.

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