Come, Been and Gone, aka I Like My Job, Michael Clark Company, Barbican, 4 June 2010

Dance is not really my thing. Watching dance isn’t really Janie’s thing.

But Anthea and Mitchell were keen to go to this and were raving about it being original and different.

I’m sure it was.

I liked the music in the second half; all Bowie, Eno, Iggy Pop and Lou Reed, The Bruce Gilbert and Wire music in the first half left me a bit cold.

The dancing is of course incredibly skillful, it just doesn’t do anything for me.

I could see why Anthea and Mitchell, as fashion show photographers, would relate to the piece; it felt (to me) like watching one long fashion show parade.

We ran into my former colleague Angela Greenfield at the Barbican, sitting directly behind us – how weird is that? We’d sometimes bump into her at the theatre and it seems that she, like me and Janie, was there with friends who had dragged her to something she wouldn’t normally see. I think she enjoyed it as we did.

This search term – click here – should find you all you want to know about the piece.

Here’s a snippet of what it looked like:

We went on to the Hix Oyster and Chop House in Farringdon for a late but much needed meal, which was very good and gave us all a chance to chat and catch up properly.

Here is Jay Rayner’s review of the restaurant – we found both the food and the service very good when we went.

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