Janie and Phillie’s Birthday Bash 2010, Sandall Close, 26 June 2010

Janie and I don’t remember much about this one. My diary simply reads:

Phil & Tony, Hil & Chris?

I certainly racked up a super play list of mostly dance music for the occasion, not least a fair chunk of Barry White:

Here’s the playlist – click here.

I’m pretty sure it was a family only affair that year and not all that many people. Phillie really wasn’t at all well by then. I’m pretty sure Pauline didn’t come that year and I don’t think all the youngsters came, although I think Charlie and Chris were there.

Th gathering was on the Saturday evening, but Janie and I took the Monday off; possibly just to enjoy a bit of the summer; I don’t think we did anything in particular.


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