Gauguin Exhibition, Tate Modern, 12 November 2010

Judging by the absence of appointments in the diary, it looks as though Janie and I had planned to take an autumn break that year but then changed our minds. Given Phillie’s state of health by then, the Price of Fish book deadline looming along with my Changing Money Gresham lecture mid November, it was probably a wise move not to go away and yet to have relatively little work in the diaries.

As a result, we also had relatively little cultural activity scheduled for that autumn, but this particular weekend was an exception.

We took the Friday off work and went to this superb Gauguin exhibition, which we both enjoyed enormously.

An excellent Tate resource on the exhibition can be seen here.

In particular, you might enjoy the colourful vid:

This search term – click here – will find reviews and stuff on this particular exhibition. The critics on the whole loved the show.

As did we. It was just the tonic we needed at the time.


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