Vietnam, 9 to 27 February 2012, placeholder and links

We took a wonderful trip back to Vietnam in early 2012. Our first visit in 1996 had been somewhat limited by time and some difficulty back then travelling comfortably off the beaten track. So we did “the Grand Tour” back then but had always wanted to go back and see some other places.

This 2012 trip took in Saigon, Can Tho, the Mekong Delta (including a home stay in Ut Trinh), Dalat and then rest and relaxation in Ninh Van Bay.

Bad place to drop something - a major junction in Saigon
Bad place to drop something – a major junction in Saigon

We took some good photos, just under 200 of them worth seeing assembled here for all to see on Flickr.

Here’s the Ultimate Travel itinerary: Vietnam Tour February 2012 Ultimate.

Here are some Six Senses Ninh Van Bay Menus.

Here is a map of the Ninh Van Bay Resort, where we enjoyed some good rest and relaxation at the end of our trip:

Ninh Van Bay Map


Finally, here is my twenty-one pages of scrawl aka my travel log:

Vietnam February 2012 Log.

I shall no doubt write up some stories and tales from this holiday one day, but not today. The log did a good job of feeding the captions to the photos, which themselves (as usual) provide a pretty good travel diary in pictures. So the write ups might not even be worth waiting for. Still, if you like trying to decipher scrawl or imagine that my writing is actually secret code for really interesting stuff, you are welcome to download the pdf and try to translate it.

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