Can We Talk About This? by Lloyd Newson/DV8 Physical Theatre, Lyttelton Theatre, 17 March 2012

I remember surprisingly little about this evening.  I do remember it being short, physical and interesting, but nothing tangible about it really sticks.  I’m not sure that the complex subject matter and verbatim style lends itself to this sort of  physical theatre – the issues get buried or confused in the performance and visuals.

Still, you can read all about it here, the RNT resources on the production.

It seems that the Daily Mail got it and liked it; perhaps that explains my confusion.

Charles Spencer in n the Telegraph liked it too.

Michael Billington gives the show a fair review, I think.  I’m starting to remember it a bit better.

I might chat it through with Janie, see what she remembers and edit in some more thoughts.  If you are reading this paragraph, then I haven’t yet done that or drew a blank from Janie too.

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