A Short Break in Oman, Zighy Bay, 1 to 12 March 2014

We needed 10 days of complete rest and relaxation, so opted for Zighy Bay at the North-West tip of Oman. So “tippy”, it is actually much closer to Dubai than to Muscat, hence flying in to the Emirates and driving across to Zighy Bay.

Mike Smith had persuaded me to try playing the baritone ukulele a few weeks before and lent me such an instrument. I said I would get no chance to start before my holiday and was reluctant to take his instrument with me, but Mike assured me that he would not be fazed if anything happened to it. So I basically took up the instrument out there. Baby steps.


I don’t think I kept any kind of written log, so spaced out were we with the pampering luxury of it all, but there are about 50 photos to be seen here…

…and Janie (Daisy) was on a bit of a moving picture fix at that time, so some pretty weird vids:

In case you remain unaware, I am Ged and Janie is Daisy – these have been our pet names for each other since 1993.

Itinerary and info on Zighy Bay downloadable below.

Wormleighton – 01 Mar 14 – Itinerary

Six Senses Zighy Bay – Fact Sheet


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