Miloš Karadaglić, Wigmore Hall, 22 February 2015

We’d heard great things about guitarist, Miloš Karadaglić, so were really looking forward to this Wigmore Hall concert for some time.

We were not disappointed. He is a wonderful guitarist and the music was simply beautiful.

The concert was broadcast live on BBC Radio 3, so we were treated to Petroc Telawny’s introduction pre broadcast, although we couldn’t hear his explanations between pieces at the time.

Still, were able to listen again (and again) afterwards, but sadly the BBC thing is to take the sound links down after a month, so you can’t hear it unless they put the recording up again – click here for BBC details of the concert.

Here is a link to the Wigmore Hall stub, which includes a full play list including the encore – there’s geeky for you.

Anyway it was all simply delicious music. Miloš came across very nicely as well as being a supreme talent.

I went on-line more or less straight way (after we got home, none of that smart phone during the concert nonsense) to buy/download a couple of Miloš CDs/downloads – Amazon links below (other vendors are available):

Much cheaper now than they were when I bought them.

Darn…but I don’t care. Wonderful albums both – we listen to them a lot.

We booked to see Miloš again last year, but he had to cancel the concert due to injury – apparently he has been grounded for some while. Hopefully just a temporary glitch in his performing career.

A really memorable and wonderful evening of music.

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