Seaxe Club AGM and Forum, Middlesex Room, Lord’s, 30 March 2015

I really like the Seaxe Club annual gathering pre season, as I explained in my 2016 piece – click here for that 2016 piece.

The 2015 gathering was to be the last Seaxe Club AGM and forum in the old Middlesex Room, although little did we know it then.

Mike O’Farrell, now Chairman of Middlesex at the time of writing (January 2017), became Chairman of the Seaxe Club that night, taking over from David Killick. The AGM element of the evening is not the most enticing but, but the committee keep it relatively short and painless, so the conviviality and forum take centre stage for most of the evening.

The following is a link to Seaxe Club news from that summer, which includes a review of the AGM and forum, so I don’t have to repeat all that. Alan Ashton and Elaine Knight have done a grand job.

Seaxe News Summer 2015

As always it was a very convivial evening with excellent panelists; the youngster Nick Gubbins in particular speaking eloquently and with humour. Andy Mitchell and Tim Murtagh were both also extremely good.

The Seaxe Club, in particular this annual event, is one of the best kept secrets in Middlesex, indeed perhaps all of English cricket. Except it isn’t a secret. It is a shame more people don’t come along.

The next day, I returned to Medlar, scene of a recent “crime” – click here – on this occasion for lunch with Stephen to thank him for proposing me for MCC membership, as my yellow card membership had just come through.  That brought Q1 of 2015 to a very satisfactory end.

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