Ireland With Dumbo Day Seven – 13 May 2015

The sun shone on us again.  Breakfast this morning was seabass, which was delightful.  After making the most of that and pottering about, we didn’t set off on our circuit of the island walk to well after 12:00, which landed us on the tricky east side around 13:30.  Tricky only at high tide, which the chart said was 13:42.

The guidebook suggested that it was a stroll at low tide and bit of a scramble on the rocks at high tide.  But we really aren’t cut out for scrambling on slippery moss-covered rocks.  Only thing for it was to wait for the tide to pull back enough for us to walk it on wet pebble/sand.  I estimated a wait until 15:00/15:30, which was pretty much spot on.  So for about 90 minutes it would have been possible to observe a pair of lesser spotted eejits on the east side of Inchydoney Island.

Round Inchydoney Island
Round Inchydoney Island

Once we got moving again it was all quite straightforward.  Daisy loved looking at the herons once we got to the bay and lagoon.  Rewarded ourselves with some R&R and a fine meal in the main restaurant.  We shared a pulled pork salad starter, then Daisy had lamb and I had beef, both done very nicely.  Daisy rounded off with an Irish coffee while I polished off the lovely Malbec wine.  Super evening again.

Photographs from the whole of our trip to Ireland are gathered in an album on Flickr, click here.

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