Fantasticus, Sonnerie and other Portraits, Wigmore Hall, 19 June 2015

This was one of those late night concerts at The Wig.

We rather enjoy these, although sometimes find it an effort to go out after eating dinner, even if just to go a couple of miles down the road for a beautiful concert.

This one for sure was worth it. I’m pretty sure I knocked up a Tavola special pasta and salad for dinner before we went.

The full title of the concert was, “Sonnerie and other Portraits: Musical paintings from the French Baroque”. Lesser-known French Baroque composers, although we had heard some Marais and Rameau before, to be sure.

Here’s a link to the Wigmore Hall’s archived stub on this concert, which tells you all about Fantasticus and this concert – click here.

We’d never seen Fantasticus before; they are very good indeed. As was this beautiful concert.

In fact, if you wanted just one contrived adjective to describe our evening, you need look no further than “fantasticus”.

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