British Museum, Faith After The Pharaohs, 3 December 2015

To the British Museum this evening, on my tod, for the Instinctif corporate party and private viewing of the Faith After The Pharaohs exhibition.

I have been to this annual corporate event for several years now and always enjoy it.  Not least, I love the British Museum and the private viewing tends to be well worth the effort.  This year was no exception.

As always, the guests at such functions tend to be somewhat self-selecting; the more interesting guests take an interest in the exhibition itself while the less interesting guests are “only here for the beer” – or in this case “only here for the champagne and posh nosh”.  So it is quite easy to find the interesting people for a chat.

The only “issue” this year was the vast amount of information rather than eye candy in this particular show, perhaps not ideal for a “party with exhibition”. Please don’t quiz me about this fascinating exhibition without giving me a second chance to mug up.

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