Nicaragua, Jicaro, 11 February 2016


We have opted for a mostly relaxing day today, with just a bird-watching boat trip late afternoon. It dawns on me at dawn that the volcano hike I booked, for tomorrow, sounds eerily familiar; indeed when I check our itinerary I realise that we are being taken on that walk as part of our transfer to Morgan’s Rock on Saturday. Five minutes at the reception/activities desk and it is no problem to switch to a plantation hike/walk for Friday instead.

Meanwhile Daisy toys with the idea of joining the 8:00 yoga class…and then decides that an earlier breakfast is a more enticing idea. Daisy had an omelette while Ged, feeling just a little icky, had a variation on French toast. We both had some crispy bacon on the side.

We relax by the pool after breakfast; everyone else seems to be checking out or off doing morning activities, so we really have the place to ourselves all morning.  It is easy to find sunny and shady spots; from around 10:30 shady is the order of the day. Good chance to read, drink some king coconut water and generally rest up.

We weren’t very hungry for lunch, but managd to force down some gazpachio soup (cucumber in my case, tomato in Daisy’s) followed by a small plate of vigaron (pork with yukka) for Daisy and a chicken sandwich thing for me. Then a short siesta before our bird boat tour.

The bird boat tour around the islets was a real highlight – even my dislike of boats was mitigated by the extraordinary sight of so many exotic birds in those wetlands and the lake, I’ll upload some photos, a link to many photos and a scan of the birdie leaflet when we get home.

Returned to dry land at sundown to shower and get ready for dinner.  Dinner was excellent again:

  • crab soup with great chunks of fish for me;
  • Daisy can’t remember hers but it will probably come back to her – ah yes, a review of the menu reminds her that she had an eggplant parmesan thingie (normally a veggie main) as a starter-sized portion;
  • Daisy followed with a tasty chicken leg dish in a sort of caramilised rum sauce;
  • I had a spare rib dish, the pork had a sort of guava-based glaze;
  • I ended the meal with a sorbet, while Daisy declined.

Another very enjoyable day draws to its inevitable end.


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