Ensemble Plus Ultra, Wigmore Hall, 10 April 2017

A very pleasant way to end a long weekend.

Daisy and I both like a bit of Spanish Renaissance music. We’re familiar with the music of Victoria, but Alonso Lobo and Alonso de Tejeda were new to us, so we thought we should give this a go.

Ensemble Plus Ultra were also new to us and indeed new to the Wigmore Hall. Sadly, they were only able to sell a couple of hundred seats on a Monday evening, which was a shame.

Very good singers, but perhaps lacking charisma as a troupe, it transpires that Ensemble Plus Ultra have been around for ages – click here. They know their Spanish Renaissance, though, especially Victoria. The spokesman explained stuff in the first half (Victoria), but left us entirely on our own in the second half.

The concert was mostly lamentable…sorry, I mean lamentations. Not cheerful words, no, no, no. But you don’t really need to follow along the words, you can just sit and listen to the sublime sound of the voices, which is mostly what we did.

Click here to see precisely what they did at the Wig that evening.

Daisy commented that the audience was a particularly  Englishy-churchy looking bunch. What else she expected at a Spanish Renaissance sacred music concert on the Monday of holy week, I have really no idea.

Anyway, the gentle, beautiful music was just what the doctor had ordered for us that evening.

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