My Second Class At Alleyn’s School, 2AK, And Some Nicknames, guessing 1 January 1975

I have already published a piece about my first class, 1S and the names/nicknames I recorded at the back of my 1974 diary – click here.

In the same notes space at the back of my 1975 Letts Schoolboys Diary, I recorded the names and nicknames of the boys in my second class, 2AK:


This material is even harder to decipher than the 1S equivalent – my use of bold tempo pens playing havoc with the thin paper of those diaries.  So, I set the text out below – apologies for replicated spelling errors, inability to decipher errors and for some of the ghastly nicknames:



Bateman – Batman

Bedford – Bedders

Bradshaw – Brad


Dalloway – Dallers

Deacon – Doormouse

Dwelly – Bone



French – Frog

Geere – Gottle


Gurney – LEFT


Hanton – Brucy


Hollingshead – Beachhead?

Jennings – Jumbo, Juggernaut, Jet



Masson – Chimpy (thanks to David French for the correction).

Pullinger – Tug

Proctor – Superproc


Rowswell – Sandy

Spence – Spike


Wahla – Gob

I don’t think Gurney was nicknamed “Left”, I think that is a note to say that he left the school.

Now many of the above nicknames are weaker and thinner than a supermodel on a crash diet. I know some of them were genuinely used, but I find it hard to believe that all of them had common currency…

…and surely the rest of us must have had nicknames of some sort at one time or another. My work in early 1975 was only part done and then I got bored – typical kid.

Surely some people out there can help fill in the blanks or put matters right, even after all these years? Comments and suggestions, please. Those from other classes are welcome to add their names and nicknames to the pile.

2 thoughts on “My Second Class At Alleyn’s School, 2AK, And Some Nicknames, guessing 1 January 1975”

    1. Masson, Chimpy – of course you are right, David. Corrected.

      Many thanks for chiming in here and on Facebook.

      I do like the fact that you are using your 1S/2AK nickname in your Ogblog posting name.

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