Dat’s Di, NewsRevue Lyric, Almost Certainly Unused, 8 August 1995

I’m not over impressed with this one. I wrote a few good Princess Di songs. This wasn’t one of them. I’m pretty sure this wasn’t used and the couple of half-decent ideas in here got reused elsewhere I’m sure.

One for the completist.

(To the Tune of “Habanera” from Carmen, or “Dat’s Love” from Carmen Jones)


I can’t pick any man, even if he fancies me,
It can’t go that way, I am Princess Di,
So I have to cheat and lie.


Love’s evaded my high class life,
Guess some would say I’ve been out of luck;
How would you like to be the wife,
Of a dull blatherer like my man Chuck?
One man gives me his diamond stud,
And I just pester him with mobile calls;
Next man likes rolling in the mud,
I like to fumble with his rugby balls.


Love’s evaded her high class life, {DI: that’s right}
Guess some would say she’s been out of luck {DI: that’s right}
But even while she was still Charles’s wife {DI: that’s right}
The bitch was partial to a casual fuck {DI: that’s lies}


My love life is my own affair,
And my affairs are legion in this land;
So if I want some rugby player,
I think his wife should really understand.


CHORUS: Will Carling’s wife!
DI: Should get one too,
And if she hasn’t then she must be dumb,
CHORUS: Will Carling’s wife!
DI: Must get some new balls,
In this instance I have won the scrum.
[Makes flamboyant gesture to one of the chorus. One of the others might comment “I bet she drinks Carling Black Label”]

This Carmen Jones number is a good one, though, you might enjoy the vid:


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