Mauritius, July & August 1979, Overview, Summary and Picture Links

I spent several weeks of the summer of 1979 in Mauritius, with my good school friend Anil Biltoo and his dad, staying with many branches of their interesting family.

I want to write quite a lot about this trip, as it was the most amazing experience for a 16/17 year old youngster. It was hugely formative for me in many ways, not least sparking my lifelong interest in travel and cultures other than my own.

This posting is a quick summary and overview piece, linking to artefacts already available on-line:

I have started the process of scanning and uploading the letters I wrote home while I was there, which doubled up as my diary/travelogue. They make fascinating reading for me and I need to go through them carefully before I write up my stories and thoughts with the benefit of hindsight.

In the meantime, I shall upload the letters as I go. The brave might try to decipher them. The sensible might wait for my write-ups/stories.

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