Claire, NewsRevue Lyric, 29 November 1995

This one is about Claire Short, who presumably got mixed up in one of those cannabis stories.

I took the opportunity to take the piss out of politicians and our loony laws on such matters.

Not sure if it was ever used. A few good lines, though (in the lyric, not a reference to some other drugs, get a grip, reader).

Gosh, even by November 1995, I still couldn’t spell Blair.

(To the Tune of “Clair”)


You said you’d support Tony Blaire,
But blew it by toking hot air,
It’s happened before,
He wonders why you’re so
It seems that you’ll pay for a snort,
Of Lebanese Red, not Tawny Port,
You’ve taken a hit,
For talking ’bout shit, cos then,
You were pounced on by Tony’s men,
Tho you’re less outspoken than Tony Benn;
Pushing for dope is a sure way that you’ll fail,
So take your lead from Bill Clinton then you’ll never inhale,
That air, Claire.


You’ve sent Tony deep into prayer,
By talking of marijuan-air
That’s not a good rhyme,
And not a good crime so why
Do most MP’s feel obliged to lie?
I’d bet that most of them have had a try,
Privately thinking it’s OK to take grass,
But in the public domain they have to talk from their arse….
-holes, Claire, Claire.

(Don’t Bogart that point, Claire).

You might enjoy the tune and lyric of Clair by Gilbert O’Sullivan for this one.


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