Strange Things A Fortune Teller Told Me, Phnom Penh, 10 February 2001

Janie was reading A Fortune Teller Told Me while we were in Cambodia (one of the first books I ever bought on Amazon as it happens), so when we returned to Phnom Penh on 10 February and encountered a fortune teller, Janie insisted that we both have a go.

The fortune teller lady seemed quite confused about us as a couple who didn’t live together. We learnt that…

…Daisy has three blokes and is going to have two kids and that I have two birds!?

Two kids…two birds…

Once she got into her stride, though, the fortune teller was most insistent that I was about to come in to a lot of money. Like, straight away. That day, or the next day, she insisted.

All of a sudden I became more popular

This seemed odd to me at the time, as her services were lightening my wallet, not filling it as far as I could tell. And I was in no position to make money while I was on holiday.

But it turned out, when I returned to London, that in my absence a tricky commercial position of ours had unwound; a substantial sum of money had, as a result, been deposited in our corporate account, around the time of the fortune telling.


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