Middlesex CCC Forum, Lord’s Long Room, 4 March 2009

An unusual timing and location for the Middlesex pre-season forum in 2009.

Timing – about a month before the AGM rather than as part of it.

Location – the Long Room, nach.

Barmy Kev reported on it at length on MTWD and I chimed in with some comments – otherwise, in truth, the detail might have been lost to my memory completely – I only vaguely recalled it even when I read the following piece:

Phil Good Factor At Forum – click here.

I’m not sure whether I made it to the Seaxe Club AGM (31 March) or the actual MCCC AGM (7 April) that year. I don’t recall them and I can see that I did a shout out to other MTWDniks such as Barmy Kev (unsuccessfully) to try to get cover for those.


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