England v Sri Lanka Day 2 Lord’s Test Match, King Cricket Match Report, 13 June 2014

A day at the test match with three friends.

I went for an unusual and foodie menu for this match, partly because Alastair “Big Al DeLarge” Little was originally supposed to be part of our group, partly because I was also catering for the next day, when Daisy attended – click here for that report.

I wrote up this day 2 in a King Cricket stylee, which was published later that year on the King Cricket site – a report which tells you pretty much all you need to know about the day – click here...

…except that that report does not include details about the The Lord’s Throdkin, which was launched that day and which I wrote up separately for King Cricket – published here...

…and also of course King Cricket reports don’t talk about the cricket itself. So unless I insert a few points here you wouldn’t know that:

  • We saw Joe Root take his score from just over 100 to 200 – you don’t get to witness live many double-hundreds in your life. Charley and I were still shaking from the thought of having witnessed Ian Bell’s 199 at the same ground six years earlier;
  • Nigel “Jim Hawkins” Thorpe teased me when I suggested that Liam Plunkett could bat – I think Charley joined in the teasing, so I was very pleased when Plunkett demonstrated his batting skills with a nice cameo;
  • There were two players named Jayawardene playing for Sri Lanka that match. We tried to get a chant of “two Jayawardenes, there are only two Jayawardenes” going, but strangely that idea didn’t take off at Lord’s. Pity, really.

Here’s the scorecard if you are that interested.

I think the King Cricket report is more interesting – certainly more fun – here’s the link again.

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