Ireland With Dumbo Day Ten – 16 May 2015

Fish of the day is Cod again today, so I try a “Full Irish” while Daisy tries smoked salmon and scrambled egg.

Weather much better today, so we plan a couple of walks.  First up – Muckross Abbey and Monks Wood –at lovely circular walk.  We stopped at a small car park near the Abbey where a sweet jaunting car fella tries to convince us that his services might help us, as we’ll be walking all over 3 miles if we do the round trip I describe.  We explained that it is our purpose and he wishes as well on our way.

Super circular walk taking in the Abbey, a small wood and then the Muckross House gardens.  We resisted the temptation of the cafe and press on to Derrycunnihy  church, where we do the first three stations have a wonderful mountain track route and then returned to the car having done a further 3 miles or so.  Took some superb pictures are up there too.

This isn't one of the superb pictures
This isn’t one of the superb pictures – this is Daisy trying her hand at map reading

Then return for a quick spa – it is very busy this evening and then informal meal in the bar, where we share tempura prawns, share a giant burger and share the cheese plate.  Quite substantial all in.  Lovely evening.  We don’t hear a squeak from the penthouse party above.

Photographs from the whole of our trip to Ireland are gathered in an album on Flickr, click here.

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