Dinner At Amuse Bouche and Claude’s Kitchen, 5 June 2015

A Friday evening after work with Escamillo Escapillo and Lavender (Chris and Charlotte to the uninitiated).

For some reason, Daisy and Lavender had settled on a wine bar/restaurant in Parson’s Green – highly recommended no doubt and for good reason.

The wine bar goes by the name of Amuse Bouche, while the restaurant above is named Claude’s Kitchen. Both were really good.

We had some wine downstairs in the bar first of all. Busy but not so heaving that you couldn’t hear – helped by the open nature of the bar area on a warm light evening in June.

The restaurant had that shabby chic look of painted wooden tables and chairs – well spaced out though, so upstairs really was spot on for a get together and a chat. The food and wine was excellent.

We ran into Tina Ellis, formerly of Bodyworkswest/Lambton Place, there.  Of course I knew that she was a Parsonsgreenista, but still a surprise; a pleasant one I should add.

The young couple still lived in Bow in those days, so it was a relatively easy journey for all of us to get home from that place; not long after dark or possibly even before dark at that time of year.

Love the long summer evenings.


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