Deni & Tony’s Wedding, 24 October 2015

This was our first experience of a gay wedding.

The venue was Chiswick Town Hall, but despite the proximity there was no time for a game of tennis before getting into our glad rags and allowing an hour to travel a couple of miles down the road.

Yes, we were there ludicrously early but that gave us the chance to get to meet some of the other guests.

The service was very pleasant. Toni Friend was there; son John kindly came to the town hall after the ceremony to take Toni (and us) to the house for the reception and wedding breakfast; I suppose walking a mile or so in “such shoes” is off limits.

The reception and wedding breakfast were both delightful. First time I have ever been to such an event in a house rather than a function room; it worked really well for this size of group. We met some very pleasant people and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.

A link to the few pictures we took – here.

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