Abandoned By My Parents, The Only Thing For It Was To Party, 11 to 12 November 1978

8 November 1978 – Mum and Dad left first thing for Israel. School OK – cooked myself a delishous [sic] dinner.

Crumbs – my folks didn’t hang around – I had only turned 16 six weeks before they disappeared off on holiday and left me entirely on my tod.

9 November 1978 – School OK, played fives. Went next door for dinner. Linda came round later.

What a good sort Linda has always been. The diary shows many visits from Linda during those few weeks of parental absence. I’m sure Linda’s caring instincts were already in full force and she wanted to make sure I was OK on my own in that house.

10 November 1978 – School boring. Went to Auntie Pam’s for Indian dinner

11 November 1978 – Developed and printed in morning with Linda in morning. Got ready for party. Threw fantastic party…

…though I said so myself. The self-confidence, the certainty of opinion. Writing now (March 2017) I’d describe it as a positively Trumpian diary entry.

12 November 1978 It went on until approximately 6:15 in the morning…

…that’s a very specific, approximate timing from Ian Junior…

…went in evening to Stanmore installation (boring) and dance (great).

More certainty of opinion! I can only apologise to the Stanmore club members. In mitigation, I had discovered tonsil hockey earlier that year and was probably keen to try out my skills at the post installation party, hence my boredom during the official ceremony and my delight at the dance. Judging by the diary hieroglyphics and my memory this was a successful evening (indeed a very successful weekend) by my main criterion of success during that era.

13 November 1978 – Got home in the early hours to find an apple pie bed.

I have tried hard to extract confessions for this one; I have got precisely nowhere.

Possible culprits?
More likely culprits

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