Castlemorton, NewsRevue Lyric (Unused), 31 May 1992

I wrote this one the same day as Coppers Are Dressed As Hippies. “Coppers” is a very good lyric, though I say so myself.

Let’s be honest, Castlemorton isn’t much cop. I must have written Castlemorton first and then thought, “oohh, I have a better idea…”

I’m not sure I even submitted it. One for the completists.

CASTLEMORTON (Be Sure to Put Gunpowder in Your Flare)

(To the tune of “San Francisco {Be Sure to Wear Some Flowers in Your Hair}”)



If your going to Castlemorton,

Be sure to put gunpowder in your flare;

Summertime in Castlemorton,

Your goanna meet some vicious bastards there.



If you’ll come to Castlemorton,

Be sure you bring some needles for to share;

Hear the beat of Castlemorton,

Amplifiers and Ghetto Blasters blare.



All across the nation,

It’s a “New Age Sensation”,

Ooh, ooh, people in motion;

They’re an old generation,

Just a strange abberation,

Ooh, ooh, what a commotion,

What an explosion.



All those who come to Castlemorton,

Be sure to wear flared trousers and long hair,

In the fields of Castlemorton,

Savage dogs attacking sheep out there.


If you come to Castlemorton,

Local people will relocate elsewhere.

Here’s a nice little photo-vid of Scott McKenzie singing San Francisco:

…and here are the lyrics for the Scott McKenzie.

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