Euro 96, NewsRevue Lyric, 26 May 1996

Others were better at sports stories than me, usually, but I think this quickie was used for a while. I wrote a companion piece to go with it, about Eurosceptics – click here.

(To the Tune of “Ode To Joy”)

Friends down Wembley at the football,
Tossed out of the stadium;
We’d been drinkin’ such a skinful,
We threw up our Heineken.
Used our seasons went back to Neasden,
Mooned with our bums and showed our dicks,
(Went) down the pub with Sky that evening,
We watched Euro ’96.

Started heavin’ then for no reason,
We threw some chairs and then some bricks;
(And) now we’re down the cells in Willesden,
This is Euro ’96.

Here is the sound of Ode To Joy – a little bit of Ludwig Van:


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