Nicaragua, Jicaro to Morgan’s Rock via Mombacho, 13 February 2016


An early start this morning, as we have an 8:45 boat to meet our guides and transfer. Our 6:30 coffee comes with the spice cake again – hurrah. We finish our packing and take quite a light breakfast; smoothies again (those are good) and a banana pancake (which seems more like a bun) for me, while Daisy just has toast and banana.

We say goodbye to Jicaro and 15 minutes later are greeted by Edgar and David at the Bahia de Asese and off we go to Mombacho Nature Reserve;  the top of the same volcano we explored lower down yesterday.

Soon three of us (leaving Edgar behind with our vehicle and baggage) transfer into a vehicle I can only describe as a decommissioned miltary-style mass transit truck or bus, which didn’t please me at all as we had been led to expect a private vehicle. This truck thing was incredibly uncomfortable too. David promised to try and arrange something better for our downward journey.

After a couple of minutes to take water and gather ourselves (in truth, for me to gather myself), we set off on our hike.

Not as atmospheric as the lower plantation walk; also more touristic, but there are some beautiful vistas up top and some geological features such as hot holes and a wonderful crevice to walk through and see some craters. Very little wildlife or bird life, which was a bit disappointing, but several species of orchids to keep Daisy happy.

David and Edgar arrange for a private park ranger vehicle going down, which also includes a stop at a small coffee plantation. Down the bottom we see some zip liners before heading off towards Rivas.

On the Pan-American highway, just after Rivas (where we get some surprisingly good local chocolate) we see a couple of howler monkeys on the roadside. Then a little further down a whole colony of howlers. They show off for the cameras.

Then to Morgan’s Rock, where Charlie shows us around and introduces us to several members of his family. They are Caribbean-side Nicas – the first we’ve met.

We choose some light touring for the next couple of days and take a fine dinner comprising chicken and meatball soup for me, celery soup for Daisy, surf and turf special main for both of us and a rum cake desert for both of us too. A nice Chilean Pinot Noir washed that down and might help us to forget about the bugs we’ve seen in our room.

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