Letter To Jonathan Linsley re NewsRevue, 17 October 1994

It was always a pleasure to do stuff with Jonathan Linsley, whose career highlights in reality preceded and are succeeding his NewsRevue days.

But my abiding memory of him will always be his performance as Eugène Terre’Blanche in my eponymous piece, back in 1992.

Seems I wrote to him in 1994 when he was with NewsRevue again and (presumably) trying to rustle up some material for another project:

Jonathan Linsley                          17 October 1994
News Revue

Dear Jonathan


My attempts to phone you have not succeeded – perhaps the pen is mightier than the British Telecom Premierline.

It’s not easy to find out of copyright songs in my portfolio – but I enclose some suitably reworked ones that I have managed to find.

Songs from other peoples collections that spring to mind include:

* Modern Labour General by Graham
* several by Andrew Wheelan to original tunes (e.g. Computer Song)
* is “Wonderbra” an original tune?
* John Random’s Group 4 song

It transpires that my friend, Michael Mainelli, does indeed know Chris Ewing from the consultancy work he did with Anglia. Michael has arranged to come, with entourage (i.e. 4 to 6 people I guess), on Wednesday, which I suspect is good news all round. Do let me know very, very soon if there is a problem with that

Yours sincerely
Ian Harris


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